Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Americans Fed Up With Biased Press

A new Rasmussen survey finds a solid majority of voters are sick and tired of agenda journalism:
Sixty-six percent (66%) of U.S. voters describe themselves as at least somewhat angry at the media, including 33% who are Very Angry.
And most of them believe that Big Media actively sought to get Obama elected:
But voters have consistently said in surveys that they believe the national media has a liberal bias and that most reporters try to help the candidates they want to win. Just before Election Day 2008, 51% said most reporters were trying to help Barack Obama win the presidency. Just seven percent (7%) thought they were trying to help John McCain, while 31% viewed their coverage as unbiased.
A large plurality believes that the mainstream media are carrying water for the Obama adminstration:
Now 48% of voters think most reporters when they write or talk about President Obama are trying to help the president pass his agenda. Only 18% think most reporters are trying to block the president from passing his agenda. Twenty-seven percent (27%) say they are simply interested in reporting the news in an unbiased manner.