Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Obama Just Doesn't Get It

I just watched the President's press conference, in which he addressed last night's historic mid-term elections that have handed control of the House to Republicans and cut into the Democratic majority in the Senate.

Sadly, he just can't wrap his mind around it, and he's using the same old, tired bs that still plays so well with the ignorant rubes* living in America's cities.

Perhaps, he allows, Obamacare needs some "tweaking," like "any other piece of major legislation." Americans just didn't understand that taking over banks and auto companies was not a matter of "policy," but merely a response to an "emergency" (and who was it who said "no crisis should be wasted." Was it someone close to the Prez? I believe that it was). Barack is, perhaps, willing to let the opposition move out of the back of the bus, but not too close to the front. This is all just a communication problem.

Most telling, Obama said that Americans are "frustrated," by which he means "stupid."

Too stupid to recognize the benefits of converting America to a socialist workers' paradise.

Things are going to get really, really interesting in January.

*the people who live in America's suburbs and rural areas have proven so much more sophisticated and capable of recognizing Progressive bullshit that it's time to apply the rube label where it belongs - the naive urban sophists and their parasitical dependents.