Saturday, November 06, 2010

Where Did Revolution Muslim Go?


We didn't do it honest, the Brits did...
LONDON — A United States-based extremist Islamic Web site was taken down on Friday after the British authorities complained of a post praising a young woman who stabbed and nearly killed a British lawmaker over his support for the Iraq war.

The post included a list of 383 British lawmakers who voted for the war, with instructions on tracking their movements, and it called for Muslims to “raise the knife of Jihad” against them, according to The Times of London, which reported the post on Friday. It also included a link for buying a kitchen knife, the report said.

The site,, is no longer available
Here is a google cache.


UK: Revolution Muslim In The News Again, Apparently Encouraging Others To Stab MP's (Members of Parliament)

Update by Howie: Well Whaddya know, Google removed a terrorist website from blogspot. That must be a first. Revmo, always on the cutting edge.

Nice job Bilal, keep a scrubbin, its a futile effort to hide on your part, but its fun to watch. Better get your orange jumpsuit cleaned and pressed, you're going to need it.

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