Friday, January 07, 2005

Poor Andrea Yates

Poor, misunderstood Andrea Yates. Who can know the pain (inflicted by her uncaring brute of a husband, of course) that drove this martyr-to-male-domination to hunt down her five children, one by one, and hold their little heads under the water until their pathetic struggles ceased? (At least when Islamist terrorists go on baby hunts they finish the little ones off quickly).

Dr. Valerie Raskin, that's who. The psychiatrist appeared on the Today show this morning to scold Americans for not being "sympathetic" enough to Yates' plight, and to explain the difference between Post Partum Depression and Post Partum Psychosis. She spoke of women "presenting" with these maladies as if psychological disorders were as cut and dried as measles and chickenpox.

It seems that, among other things, victims of Post Partum Psychosis "look mentally ill". Gee, that clears everything up. How very, very precise. I'm reminded of my college days when the American Psychiatric Association's latest revision of their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) came out and homosexuality had morphed into "dyshomophilia". A suffix and two prefixes in search of a root word. More precise psychiatric thought in the service of social progressivism.

According to Raskin, Yates is obviously not responsible for her actions (but her vicious, unfeeling husband Rusty just might be). The implication is that Yates should be freed, or at least released to a suitable psychiatric facility for whatever treatment is now fashionable among psychiatric types.

By the way, Dr. Raskin has written two books on Post Partum Depression. Surprise, surprise.