Sunday, February 20, 2005

How Stupid Are Liberals Really?

Media Matters: How liberal is CBS really?

A Media Matters for America analysis of CBS Evening News broadcasts since the November 2, 2004, presidential election found that the program featured Republicans and conservatives more often than Democrats and progressives.

CBS Evening News segments on political topics broadcast between November 3, 2004, and February 17, 2005, featured 65 clips of Democratic officials or commentators representing progressive organizations and 83 clips of Republican officials or commentators representing conservative organizations.
Strike One: 15 of the supposed conservative agenda appearances are really stories about administration officials performing their duties; in addition, six of the so-called conservative appearances are because these people were being critical of President Bush or his administration. That makes it 61 (not 83) conservative appearances vs. 71 "progressive agenda" appearances.

Strike Two: The study was done after the election. The real smearing went on during the election for the purpose of affecting the outcome! Duh.

Strike Three: The study was done after Dan Rather's and CBS's cataclysmic spankings by the blogosphere. Is it any wonder they're on their best behavior for a while?

Via Mister Pundit