Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Marine Faces Death Penalty For Killing Suspected Insurgents

Via Michelle Malkin

I'm tentatively filing this under "Brass Without Balls", at least until the full story comes out. There will have to be a hell of a lot more to it that has gone unreported to make me change the category.

Marine 2nd lieutenant Ilario Pantano is facing the death penalty for killing two captured Iraqis who continued to advance on him as he ordered them to stop in Arabic.

From The New York Times
A Marine lieutenant from New York City who shot and killed two Iraqis last spring during a vehicle search south of Baghdad has been charged with premeditated murder, a crime that carries the death penalty, his lawyer said yesterday.
Pantano's mother has set up a website to organize his defense at Defend the Defenders, but the site is down due to exceeding allowed bandwidth.

Michelle Malkin has other links to this story, including analysis by an elected prosecutor.