Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Fulfilling the Dream

For the first time in half a century, freely elected representatives of the Iraqi people met to begin forming their government. Undeterred by mortar and rocket attacks from the insurgents, the new Iraqi parliament spent so much time celebrating their historic moment that not everything they had hoped to accomplish on the first day was done.

The purple finger revolution continues. How did the usual suspects in the US press report it? Lead sentences from three of the biggest follow.

No Bias Here, Boss
The New York Times:
BAGHDAD, Iraq, March 16 - As mortar rounds pounded the heart of the capital today, the country's first freely elected parliament in a half-century met for the first time but fell short of expectations by not starting the process of installing a government.
The LA Times:
BAGHDAD, Iraq — Iraq's first freely elected parliament in half a century began its opening session today after a series of explosions targeted the gathering.
Washington Post:
BAGHDAD, March 16 -- Amid tight security and the sound of explosions, Iraq's new parliament met for the first time Wednesday as Iraqi politicians and citizens alike urged lawmakers to stop bickering, form a new government and tackle the country's numerous problems, particularly the violent insurgency.
Talk about your half empty glasses...if these folks had been around, what do you think they would have used for a lead to report the first meeting of the Continental Congress? Maybe something like, The camaraderie of war now over, colonist leaders clashed acrimoniously over the proper form of the new government, with many saying that they were better off under King George and proposing a monarchy.