Friday, April 29, 2005

Pantano Accuser Invoking Fifth Amendment

According to News 14 Carolina Marine Sergeant Daniel Coburn, the man who accused Lieutenant Ilario Pantano of murder in the deaths of two Iraqis last year, refused to give testimony and instead invoked his Fifth Amendment (or UMCJ equivalent) right against self-incrimination:
(CAMP LEJEUNE) - The chief accuser of a Marine accused of murdering two Iraqi detainees took the stand long enough to invoke his right to avoid incriminating himself.
Coburn doesn't seem very popular with other members of his unit:
Other witnesses have heaped scorn on Coburn, describing him as a weak Marine who's bitter about Pantano removing him from a leadership role within his platoon and making him a radioman. That's a job usually reserved for the youngest Marines. They have described Pantano as a zealous, but not abusive, officer.
This case has sounded fishy from the beginning. Time for someone at Eight and Eye (Marine headquarters) to wake up and stop persecuting this officer. Alternatively, President Bush can invoke his powers as Commander-in-Chief to have the case dropped.