Monday, May 23, 2005

Terrorists Targeted Preschool With Bomb

Just when you think the degenerate scum indiscriminately attacking Coalition forces and civilians alike has sunk as far on the evolutionary chart as possible, news like this comes; from an American Forces Press Service release:
A tip from a local civilian led Iraqi forces from the 2nd Public Order Brigade in eastern Baghdad to three roadside bombs, including one set up next to a preschool, May 22. The Iraqi forces were able to safely dismantle all the bombs.

Four individuals are in custody in connection with the explosive device near the Alkawther preschool.

"Many children would have been killed if this device would have been used," U.S. Capt. Rick Ackerman, an adviser to the Iraqi unit, said.
Utterly despicable. Such people should be fed to hogs. Big, fat, snorting hogs.