Friday, June 03, 2005

Terrorist Sympathizer/Propaganda Sites Endorsed by GoogleNews

The editors at GoogleNews have been making some very questionable choices in the sites they choose to include and exclude from GoogleNews searches. The superblogs excluded, like little green footballs and The Jawa Report indicate a gross leftist bias - no big surprise, but some of the anti-American hatesites that GoogleNews includes indicate something more insidious; sympathy at GoogleNews for radical, lunatic fringe hatred of the United States and Western society.

Reasonable people expect "news source" to mean that the source makes at least a minimal effort to report the truth, and will clearly label opinion as such.

The sites listed below pretend to be "news", but really print only anti-US propaganda. At least one, jihadunspun, is listed as such by the US Department of State. Why the anonymous GoogleNews editors decided to include them is anyone's guess. Sites have not been added to the list merely because they have a leftward tilt, but because they have misrepresented themselves as straight news sources and are openly sympathetic to terrorists and terrorist organizations.

If you discover a site while searching GoogleNews that you think belongs on the list, send the link to me for inclusion to

If you believe your site has been added without just cause, email to make your case.



Iraq Occupation Watch

Worker's World


Peace, Earth & Justice News

Islam Online

Guerrilla News Network

Dissident Voice

This list will be updated periodically and brought back to the top of the blog.