Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Worst Excuse For Barbaric Behavior So Far Today

Brazilian Prison Rioters Display Decapitated Heads
Brazilian convicts, apparently upset about losing some friends, have rioted and are displaying the decapitated heads of rivals atop the prison walls. From BBC News:
Brazilian police have surrounded a jail in Sao Paulo state, where at least five inmates have been killed in riots between rival gangs.
The victims were decapitated and their heads have been displayed on stakes on the jail's roof.

The rioting prisoners are holding 11 guards hostage, but they have been negotiating with the state authorities.

It is thought the prisoners are unhappy about the transfer of fellow inmates to a different jail.
Shocking. Prison officials have been transferring prisoners without the consent of prison inmates? Quick, somebody call Amnesty International to close down this gulag.