Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Insurgents Killed, Weapons Cache Reported by Civilian

The American Forces Press Service reports that two insurgents were killed when they attacked a patrol in the town of Hit, Iraq.

From the bulletin:
The joint patrol of Iraqi soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 1st Brigade, 1st Iraqi Intervention Force, and U.S. Marines from 3rd Battalion, 25th Regiment were on a dismounted security patrol when they were attacked. The troops fired two warning shots into the grill and the deck on the driver's side of a truck that was speeding toward them. The truck driver crouched down while the passenger fired a weapon at the patrol.

At that point the joint patrol fired small arms at the vehicle, causing the vehicle to stop about 100 feet past the patrol.

Upon searching the vehicle, soldiers found two dead men and recovered one AK-47 automatic rifle and several spent 7.62 mm casings. The passenger tested positive for gunpowder residue.
An Iraqi citizen lead coalition forces to a weapons cache yesterday in Baghdad. Again, from the bulletin:
...a citizen informant led Iraqi police to a large weapons cache in the Zohour district of Baghdad Aug. 22, officials said.

When police arrived at the location pointed out by the informant, they uncovered 68 mortar rounds buried in a field and delivered them to a local police station.

Officials said this marks the second time in two days that a significant cache was found in the same area. Thirty-two mortar rounds were discovered there on Aug. 21.