Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Another Good Reason to Buy American Automobiles

The Associated Press reports that Toyota has developed a computer to keep drivers in line:
An image-processing computer system developed by Toyota Motor Corp. and a Toyota affiliate uses a camera near the steering wheel to detect when the driver stops looking straight ahead.

The system flashes a light on the dashboard display and emits a beeping noise when the eyes start to wander. If the driver still doesn't respond, brakes kick in, Toyota said Tuesday.
Those of us who use our mirrors might be in trouble here, since we can't do that while "looking straight ahead". I suppose we should be thankful that this isn't being developed by a German company using a catheter and electric shocks.

While I agree that driver inattention is a serious problem, I believe that the proper way to address it is by modifying the behavior of drivers, not cars.