Monday, October 31, 2005

CIA Pushing Ahead With Coup Attempt?

Clintonista elements within the Central Intelligence Agency would love to see the Bush White House disgraced, regardless of the effects on national security.

WASHINGTON - Presidential confidant Karl Rove should be fired for his role in the CIA leak, the husband of the agent whose cover was exposed told NBC’s “Today” show on Monday.

“I think the president should fire him... these are firing offenses,” Joe Wilson, a retired career U.S. diplomat, said of Rove.
So, even though no crime has been determined to have been committed when the press identified Wilson's CIA-analyst wife, and Rove is, to this point, unindicted, Wilson wants him fired. Are these really Wilson's own words, or is he again acting as an irregular attached to the CIA via his wife's influence?

There was also this:
Former CIA agent Jim Marcinkowski, now a city attorney in Royal Oak, Mich., told “60 Minutes” it was “outrageous” that Plame had been exposed.

“CIA people don’t like cameras. We don’t like publicity. We operate in the background as much as possible. So she’s in a very, very uncomfortable spot,” said Marcinkowski, who trained with Plame at the CIA as a new recruit.
Really? So, Valerie Plame was so mortified by her exposure that she mitigated the damage by...appearing in Vanity Fair and the Washington Post? I see.

Personally, I'd like to see a special counselor appointed to investigate nepotism and political dirty tricks at the CIA.