Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What Does Google Call "News" in the Kember Abduction?

Here's an interesting story about hostage Norman Kember, courtesy of a search of what Google considers "news" websites, from uruknet, which starts out reasonably enough:
It is possible Norman Kember is a spy, as charged by the Swords of Righteousness brigade in Iraq. However, considering the work of the Christian Peacemaker organization and the fact Kember is 74 years old, it is unlikely he is a spy.
Of course a truly reasonable person would be too busy laughing to bother refuting such a specious charge. But give writer Kurt Nimmo credit for trying to think logically. Unfortunately, Nimmo seems to have blown all his logic circuits with that thought. Nimmo takes a plunge into tinfoil hat territory in his next paragraph:
It has been reported that they were talking to Muslim clerics about the abuse of Sunni detainees," more than enough reason for Kember to be abducted by black op "insurgents" who " just grabbed" the name Swords of Righteousness "out of the air, a tactic which goes back to Beirut," according to the Guardian. It should be remembered that the Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena was also kidnapped as she prepared to interview survivors of Fallujah, now admitted to have been attacked with chemical weapons and a napalm derivative.
Here's where we thank the imbecile Markos of Dailykos for confusing white phosphorus with chemical weapons. Nimmo brings up Markos' embarrassing faux pas even though Markos, who claims to have served in the artillery, was debunked in humiliating fashion.

But back to our tale. Who, pray tell, will the intrepid Nimmo finger as the author of the dastardly "black op" that resulted in the abduction of Norman Kember, et. al.?
CPT has worked as "an alternative voice to the reporters 'embedded’ with Coalition forces," have used "their bodies to protect critical civilian infra-structure such as water treatment facilities, electrical plants, and hospitals," have documented "abuse of detainees by Coalition forces," and "have ventured forth in response to urging from Iraqi human rights workers in Karbala." No doubt all of this Christian activity sincerely upsets the Pentagon and the Bushcons.
Bushitlerburton!! Of course! It all makes sense now. Kurt Nimmo is insane. But that still doesn't explain why Google considers his particular insanity to be "news".