Saturday, December 03, 2005

Al Jazeera Deliberately Misrepresenting Video

Jihadi terrorist media mouthpiece Al Jazeera continues to report a video they "obtained" as depicting Thursday's attack on US Marines, even though it has already been debunked by military sources as canned video from an unrelated incident that happened earlier. Their website also displays disinformation from the video:
Aljazeera broadcast a video on Saturday from a group called the Islamic Army in Iraq showing the attack on the US patrol near Falluja on Thursday, the deadliest attack on US troops for four months.

The truth behind the video was revealed earlier today on Fox News (watch "Terror Tape?" video), in an interview with American Colonel Barry Johnson from Baghdad. The video being played on al Jazeera depicts troops moving along a street accompanied by a Humvee. The Marines were attacked in a courtyard; no Humvee was present.

It's likely that al Jazeera knew that the video was not as advertised, but used it anyway in their continuing propaganda campaign against the West.