Friday, January 13, 2006

German Libs: Helping Fight Terrorists 'Monstrous'

Up 'til now, I've considered radio personality Michael Savage's characterization of liberalism as a "mental disease" to be over the top. Of course there is Post Election Stress Disorder (PEST), so I guess you could argue that the psychological profession has recognized liberal thought as diseased (I propose the clinical term dyscogitofilia© for the next revision of the DSM).

Now it seems that a particularly virulent strain of liberalism is infecting minds in Germany.

From Breitbart:
BERLIN (Reuters) - German's security services faced the prospect of a parliamentary inquiry on Friday, triggered by reports that German agents in Baghdad had helped the United States pinpoint bombing targets at the start of the Iraq war.

The opposition Greens said for the first time they would join liberals and leftists to demand an inquiry, into both the Iraq allegations and wider concerns about the role of the security services in the U.S.-led war on terrorism. The three parties between them have enough votes to force such a probe.

"This accusation about the involvement of German authorities in the Iraq war is a monstrous accusation," said Greens parliamentary leader Renate Kuenast.

Media reports on Thursday said two agents of Germany's BND foreign intelligence service in Baghdad had helped the United States identify bombing targets at the outbreak of the Iraq war in 2003, which the Berlin government strongly opposed.
It would be comforting to view this as a European problem, but we certainly have just as many suicidal jackasses in our own country.

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