Saturday, January 28, 2006

Suicide is Painless...

In a particularly lugubrious piece for the LA Times, breathlessly entitled, "Witch Hunt at UCLA", English professor Saree Makdisi whines:
My colleagues and I are being targeted for speaking out on the kinds of urgent social matters and universal principles that it has always — in every society and every age — been the task of intellectuals to address.
This sounds admirable and important.

What kind of "urgent social matters" and "universal principles" does Dr. Makdisi address? Many of them seem to be similar to this:
The usual self-congratulatory contrast between "our" civilization and "their" barbarism has set the stage for a cycle of moralistic inquiries into the motivations of suicide bombers and the supposed duty of "good" Muslims to restrain "bad" ones.

Few have noticed that suicide bombing is merely a tactic used by those who lack other means of delivering explosives. Fewer still seem to notice that what happened in London is what occurs every time a U.S. or British warplane unloads its bombs on an Iraqi village.
There you have it; a suicide bomber is just a delivery system to move the explosives from point A to the inside of the Israeli schoolbus. Jihadi babyhunter equals American soldier. Thanks for speaking out on that "urgent social matter", Dr. Makdisi.

By excusing past terrorist acts Dr. Makdisi becomes morally complicit in future ones. This creature is clearly unfit to be entrusted with the education of young people.

Saree Makdisi is one of the UCLA professors whose ultra-radical views have been outed by the controversial Bruin Alumni Association.

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