Thursday, February 02, 2006

Weapon System Touted As End To 'Collateral Damage'

From Insight On The News:
The U.S. military has been developing a gunship that could literally obliterate enemy ground targets with a laser beam.

The laser could have tremendous repercussions on the battlefield, particularly in urban warfare in such countries as Afghanistan and Iraq. "It's the kind of tool that could bring about victory within minutes," an official said.
Is this really the end of unintended casualties? Doubtful, but improvements in accuracy of delivery are, of course, welcome, both for greater efficiency in killing the enemy, and for avoiding harm to the innocent.

But suppose a weapon really were developed that completely eliminated collateral damage. That would mean the end of most of the anti-war movement, right? Wrong, the so-called anti-war movement in this country has never been about preventing deaths; it was and is about advancing a political agenda.

And anti-war activists, as represented in the mainstream media, just don't care about collateral damage.

Thanks to The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler for the Toles cartoon. New weapons system via The Drudge Report.

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