Saturday, March 04, 2006

Pakistan Blocks Blogspot

In the latest Cartoon War salvo, Pakistan has blocked access to all blogspot blogs, including those of Paki bloggers, because of Mohammed drawing contests on a blogspot blog:
Pakistan telecom authorities have blocked several websites inviting people to draw cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, it has emerged.

Instructions were issued to internet service providers across Pakistan on 27 February to block about a dozen websites of various origins.

The ban comes amid protests in several Muslim countries against the cartoons, first published in Denmark last year.

Islamic tradition prohibits caricatures of the Prophet.

Bloggers in Pakistan became first became aware of the ban on 28 February when they were unable to access a popular blog hosting site, Blogspot.
What! Those bastards are blocking that rich motherlode of Pakistani internet traffic? [sniff] I'm especially going to miss the death threats.

Via Neocon Express.