Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jesus with erection' ignites outrage

....but, as Hot Air points out, we aren't rioting and burning down embassies.

World Net Daily broke the news yesterday that a far-left student newspaper at the University of Oregon — called “The Insurgent” appropriately enough — decided to publish 12 deliberately offensive cartoons of Jesus in their March issue. Why? Because the Oregon Commentator, a conservative student newspaper at U of O, recently published the 12 Jyllands-Posten cartoons of Mohammed. The Insurgent wanted Christians to know what it felt like to have their religion insulted.

Because, really, what would Christians know about something like that?

Anti-Idotarian Rottweiller weighs in:

You see, dear editors of The Insurgent: G-d, unlike some moon god that we could mention, isn’t an insecure, thumb-sucking, powerless little brat demanding that we go burn down embassies and murder innocents to defend His honor. And we, unlike some medieval, barbarian “culture” worshipping a giant black block with a vagina, believe in freedom of speech, even when we disagree with it.

In the Bullpen

Actually I didn’t care about the size of Jesus’ manhood, I just didn’t get offended in the least about the cartoons and in fact I think in the art of showing differences these types of cartoons should have been printed. The Insurgent printed these cartoons, I suppose, to try to draw comparisons between the reaction of American Catholics and Muslims who rioted after the Danish cartoons, but they will only find differences. University of Oregon students, or some, are up in arms about the cartoons and doing the dreadful act of writing letters to the editor.

As an American Catholic, I am putting together a mob rally to burn down the _____ (fill in the blank) embassy, threatening to behead those who offend Jesus, call for terrorist attacks against the entire state of Oregon and I officially boycott all Oregon products. Yep, that means I won’t buy anything made from wood unless that wood comes from Canada, Colorado or any other of the several states and nations we get wood from.

Yes, we are offended, and insulted, but your liberal scheme only backfires. We hope you weren't hoping to cause riots. The point is not about being sensitive to other people's religious beliefs, it is how one reacts when they have been offended. Civilly, like writing letters, blogging, debating the topic, or like a barbarian, burning down buildings, and rioting in the streets?

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