Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Syracuse U. Professor Resigns Over Allegations of Abuse

Dr. Steven Chamberlain, a tenured professor of bioengineering at Syracuse University, reportedly resigned on March 14. Students were told that the resignation was due to health reasons. WSYR TV reports that Chamberlain was first suspended, then resigned following complaints from faculty members of inappropriate behavior with students, including physical and emotional abuse. The results of the University's inquiry have been turned over to the Onondaga County District Attorney's office for further investigation.

From 9WSYR.com:
In a statement, the university says it suspended Dr. Steven Chamberlain on March 9th, citing misconduct, conduct unbecoming a tenured professor, and conduct in violation of faculty professional ethics. The university says the suspension came after the university’s Senate Committee on Academic Freedom, Tenure, and Professional Ethics received complaints from faculty members that Chamberlain was acting inappropriately with students.

The university will not say what Chamberlain allegedly did, but it says the school found that Chamberlain physically and emotionally abused several individuals.