Sunday, April 09, 2006

Yes! Phil Gets Another Green Jacket!

A virus, thoughtfully provided by my son, prevented me from making a planned trip to the People's Republic of Massachusetts this weekend. But that meant I got to watch the Master's Tournament from Augusta, Georgia, and see Phil Mickelson take his third major tournament. The winner of the Master's is presented with a green Augusta Golf Club jacket (that they're not allowed to take home - the jackets stay in lockers at the club).

Phil Mickelson represents the most oppressed minority in the world of golf - the left-handed player. Like Phil, I'm a right-handed person who, due to some miswired segment of his brain, plays golf left-handed. As the red-headed stepchildren of golf, we don't have much...but we've got Phil Mickelson.

And Phil makes up for every time a southpaw visits Dick's Sporting Goods to discover that they have twelve different styles of golf gloves for the right-handed player and one for lefties (A Product of Lower Slobbovia). Phil makes up for scrounging through the bargain bin at the used sports store when the only left-handed club in there is a niblick circa 1940, or stopping in to the pro shop and being told that left-handed irons have to be special ordered and they need the money up front. Phil makes up for having the people in your foursome look away when you're on the tee because, "...watching a lefty will screw up your swing".

Sure there's Mike Weir, but he's Canadian.

Congratulations Phil!