Thursday, June 22, 2006

What the Nightly News Wouldn't Tell You

From The New York Sun:
WASHINGTON - Since the formal search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was called off in January 2005, the American military has found more than 500 shells of ordinance containing Sarin or mustard gas.
These weapons are said to date from the Iran-Iraq war, and Pentagon officials have said that they're not the WMDs we were looking for, however, they threaten the liberal meme, pushed by the mainstream media, that Saddam had destroyed his WMDs:
"The information released today proves that weapons of mass destruction are, in fact, in Iraq," Senator Santorum, a Republican from Pennsylvania said yesterday. "It is essential for the American people to understand that these weapons are in Iraq. I will continue to advocate for the complete declassification of this report so we can more fully understand the complete WMD picture inside Iraq."
And these chemical weapons, discovered almost by accident since the formal search for WMDs was called off, challenge the credibility of the Duelfer Report:
"Duelfer after 18 months was not able to find this stuff," Mr. Hoekstra said. "We made this determination that hundreds [of weapons] were found. I think this is a significant quantity. What does this say about all of the other issues that continue to be raised [such as] stuff transported to Syria. I don't believe everything that is out there is credible, but it shows how much we still don't know."
A puzzling question here is this: why is the discovery of hundreds of chemical weapons being revealed by members of Congress, rather than those whose stated mission is to inform the public?