Monday, July 10, 2006

Gitmo Detainees Abused Attorney-Client Privilege in Suicide Plot

Of course, it's a sign that we have too many stupid people and lawyers in this country that terrorists actually have attorney-client privilege, but that's another story.

From the Washington Post:
Three suicides at the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, may have been part of a broader plot by detainees who were using confidential lawyer-client papers and envelopes to pass handwritten notes their guards could not intercept, according to documents that government lawyers filed yesterday in federal court.

Detainees could apparently hide documents in their cells -- including instructions on how to tie knots and a classified U.S. military memo regarding cell locations of detainees and camp operational matters at Guantanamo -- by keeping the materials in envelopes labeled as lawyer-client communications. Notes that investigators found after the suicides on June 10 were apparently written on the back of notepaper stamped "Attorney Client Privilege," which allowed detainees to communicate secretly without interference, according to government officials.
It's just awful that these poor captured terrorists have to go through such tribulations just to find out how to hang themselves. I think that Gitmo authorities should show some humanity and provide the others with pre-tied nooses and instructions on how to use them.

Of course, defense counsel doesn't want anything to interfere with their mission of undermining the military, freeing dangerous lunatic terrorists, and ensuring that the US suffers further terrorist attacks:
Defense lawyers for Guantanamo detainees said that their clients are closely monitored and should have no way to pass such notes, and that the filing yesterday is designed to complicate their efforts.
These disgraceful, renegade shysters should be encouraged to do the right thing, as well.

Via Stop the ACLU.

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