Saturday, July 29, 2006

Muslim Said to Have Killed One at Seattle Jewish Center (Updated)

SEATTLE - A man walked into a Jewish organization Friday afternoon and opened fire, killing one woman and injuring at least five others before he was arrested, officials said.

The gunman, who employees said claimed to be a Muslim angry at Israel, forced his way through the security door at the Jewish Federation after an employee had punched in her security code, said Marla Meislin-Dietrich, a co-worker who was not at the building at the time.

Staff members said they overheard him saying “’I am a Muslim American, angry at Israel,’ before opening fire on everyone,” Meislin-Dietrich said. “He was randomly shooting at everyone.”
Authorities haven't confirmed that the man is Muslim. Every day it gets harder for reasonable people to consider Islam the "Religion of Peace" instead of a dangerous and violent cult.

Update: Let's hope the following story is an urelated incident, and not an indication that Hizballah is activating cells in America. From The Galveston County Daily News:
DICKINSON — A Dickinson man was recovering Wednesday from two gunshot wounds at a University of Texas Medical Branch hospital, where the man accused of shooting him practiced medicine.

Hospital spokeswoman Jennifer Reynolds-Sanchez said Dr. Wameeth Fadhli would not perform any clinical work while officials investigate the shooting of a 22-year-old bicyclist.

The younger man was riding his bicycle in the 3000 block of Avenue C just outside the city limits about 7:20 p.m. Tuesday when a green sport utility vehicle pulled alongside him, officials said

Witnesses told investigators the man was wearing what appeared to be surgical scrubs and was in the vehicle alone, said Maj. Ray Tuttoilmondo of the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office.