Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hizballah Accused of Monstrous Qana Plot by Lebanese Site

ynet news links to a Lebanese Christian site that accused Hizballah on the day of the Qana tragedy of placing handicapped children in the building at Qana, then firing rockets from the roof in order to create "Qana 2".

The Lebanese site is published in French. I've translated their posting below:
Qana Massacre, Lebanon-Israel Negotiations Reported

July 30, 2006

Lebanon is waking up to a new massacre of innocents, the victms are handicapped children who were sheltering in a building that was attacked by the Israeli air force.

Qana, again a symbol; "Grapes of Wrath" [codename of the Israeli operation] failed in 1996 because of this mistake. 40, maybe 50 deaths today at Qana in south Lebanon. The horror.

But why a similar mistake, error? A usually well-informed source told us this version:
Hezbollah, trapped by the 7 points proposed by prime minister Fouad Siniora, which put forth a deployment plan for the Lebanese army over all its [Hezbollah's] territory, mainly in south Lebanon, and therefore the disarmament of the Party of God [Hezbollah], wanted to sabotage the negotiations. It put in place a Machiavellian plan to stifle the project. Knowing very well that Israel would not hesitate to bomb civilian targets, the Hezbollah fighters installed a missile launcher on top of a building in Qana and packed it with disabled children with the firm intention of provoking a response from the Israeli air force and creating a new situation, using the massacre of the innocents to retake the initiative in negotiations.
To reiterate: They have used Qana, which was already a symbol of the massacre of innocent ones; they have fomented Qana 2.

Indeed, Nabih Berri, speaker of the Lebanese assembly, has announced that negotiations with American Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice will not be pursued for the moment without an unconditional ceasefire, the first requirement of Hezbollah; it's necessary to begin again.
Via Riehl World View, who has some speculation about photos of the Qana aftermath.