Monday, August 07, 2006

The Reuters Affair: More Than Just Retouching (Updated)

How Stupid Are Reuters' Editors?
Or should the question be, "How do stupid do they think you are?"

Here's a photo from disgraced Reuters photographer Adnan Hajj, with the caption that ran under it:

A Lebanese woman looks at the sky as she walks past a building flattened during an overnight Israeli air raid on Beirut's suburbs August 5, 2006. (Adnan Hajj/Reuters)
How then, to explain this photo, also from Add-on Hajj from July 24?

Journalists are shown by a Hizbollah guerrilla group the damage caused by Israeli attacks on a Hizbollah stronghold in southern Beirut, July 24 2006. (Adnan Hajj/Reuters)
It's the same scene, but Hajj claims the buildings, which clearly already were flattened on July 24, were actually flattened on August 5.

How long has Reuters been running Hizballah propaganda and how many other "freelancers" does Hizballah have on the Reuters payroll?

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Update: More Mummery From Reuters and AP
From Yahoo!news:

A Lebanese woman wails after looking at the wreckage of her apartment, in a building, that was demolished by the Israeli attacks in southern Beirut July 22, 2006. REUTERS/Issam Kobeisi
But wait, there's more:

A Lebanese woman reacts at the destruction after she came to inspect her house in the suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon, Saturday, Aug. 5, 2006, after Israeli warplanes repeatedly bombed the area overnight. Israeli commandos attacked near the southern city of Tyre early Saturday but were repelled by Hezbollah guerrillas who killed an Israeli member of the force and wounded others, the group said in a statement. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla)
As Drinking From Home points out, same woman, same scar on left cheek-same mark under right eye-SAME CLOTHES, phew.

Drinking From Home also helpfully points out that the Timesonline is using both pictures on the same page. Another failure of eleventy-seven fact-checking editors.

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