Thursday, August 24, 2006

UK Freezes Accounts of Muslim Charity

From London, a Muslim charity is alleged to be channeling money to terrorists.

Britain's charity watchdog froze the bank accounts of aid group Crescent Relief on Thursday as part of a probe to see whether aid money had been channelled to groups suspected of plotting to blow up airliners.

The Charity Commission, a British government department, said it had launched a formal inquiry into the UK-based group, which raised money for the victims of last year's earthquake in Pakistan, after allegations in British newspapers.
People arrested on suspicion of plotting to blow up planes flying to the U.S. earlier this month are allegedly linked to Crescent Relief.

From my perspective, the involvement of Muslim charities with terrorists long ago blasted past the 'allegation stage.' It should be considered as a stone-cold fact, reversible only through complete, open, and 'down to the penny' accountability.

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