Thursday, October 26, 2006

Like Taking a Nice, Hot Bath

A certain demented media-whore, who first gained infamy by claiming to have found a sodlier's camera and demanding a reward for its return has been harassing me and a few other bloggers with nuisance-type claims of copyright infringement. It was painfully obvious that this sicko was feeling withdrawal pains, after appearing on the Fox Network (where he was publicly, even brutally humiliated by both Hannity and Colmes) to discuss his imbecilic website demeaning America's troops.

His increasingly desperate squeals for attention have become too annoying to tolerate any longer. Rather than give him what he really wants, I've decided to give him the gift of anonymity. I have purged this website of every mention of this psychotic individual. Those of you in the know can probably still find references in Google's cache, but, unless he commits suicide in a particularly way (not out of the question, seriously, this is one messed up unit) his name and/or aliases will never be found on this blog again.

This is like taking a nice, hot bath after spending a couple of hours cleaning out a barn full of cows suffering from the scours (for you cityfolk, that means the butterscotch squirts).