Monday, October 30, 2006

Marine Ballerinas Need Your Help

Pam at Iraq War Today writes to ask for your help for the little ballerinas of Camp Lejeune:
Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune's Community Center offers dance classes to kids ages 3 - 10. Instructor Lauren Kelly-Hill contacted local businesses with "we support our troops" signs in their windows, to ask for sponsorship for costumes for the kids' December holiday dance recital, in return for an ad in the recital program.

The kids need a total of $1,200 for their costumes for the December recital. Costumes and other supplies for the larger Spring recital will be about twice that.

Unfortunately, only one business responded - only to report that they were financially committed for the year. I understand that many businesses may have obligations, but I have to say, this is a pretty poor showing for a military town - especially when we're talking about businesses that declare that they "support our troops."

Supporting our troops means supporting their families, too. For many of these girls, it will be a last chance to show off before their Hero deploys - most of these Marines will be away during the Spring recital. So these little ladies really need your help.

Only $1,200 - really not much. I've got a fairly modest readership as blogs go, and if every one of my readers gave only a couple of dollars, we'd have it covered, and then some. A little more than that, and we've got Spring covered, too.

Please consider making a donation to help Camp Lejeune's ballerinas to make their holiday recital special. The donation isn't tax deductible, but as Lauren says, "it IS going for the 40 most beautiful little girls to have an awesome recital with costumes, decorations, and recital photos."

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

You can make your donation here. Mine's already in.

Thank you for any help you can provide to these little girls. It's going to mean more than you can know to them and to their families.
Pam has an update here.