Monday, November 13, 2006

Simpsons Jump the Shark

I've enjoyed "The Simpsons" for years.

But last night, emboldened by the Democrat victory in the midterm elections, Matt Groening and the other writers let America know just how they feel about the folks who protect us with their lives. They disagree with John Kerry, but only because Kerry didn't go far enough in betraying our soldiers.

According to The Simpsons writers, anyone who enters the military is not only stupid, but evil, and eager to kill American civilians. Plus, (and despite the fact the recruitment goals have been met consistently in the real world) Army recruiters will come to elementary schools and make children sign contracts to enter the military.

If this was simply an aberration, Groening should apologize profusely and move on.

If this is a new direction for the animated sitcom, they'll go there without me.

Below is Matt Groening. This is the smug, aging hippy face of a man who hates any American wearing a military uniform.

Update: Hot Air has video.