Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Will Saddam Hussein Cheat Death?

According to NewsMax, Iraqi law prohibits the execution of anyone over the age of 70. Saddam's 70th birthday is April 28th. NewsMax theorizes that this is why the dictator's attorneys waited until the very last minute to file his appeal:
The case now goes to a higher court. But there is no time limit for the appeal court’s review, and the earliest realistic date for the former Iraqi dictator’s execution, if it stands up to review, would reportedly be in the spring.

What’s more, "a recent report by New York-based Human Rights Watch concluded that Hussein’s trial was so seriously flawed that the verdict could be called into question,” according to the Washington Post.

So there is a good chance, if Iraqi law is not changed, that the appeal process could stretch past April 28, Saddam’s 70th birthday – allowing the convicted mass murderer to cheat the hangman.
It would be nice if Saddam would spare the world any more bother and simply drop dead of apoplexy or something.

Via Hot Air.