Tuesday, January 02, 2007

AP Still Defiant Over Discredited Source

With Eason Jordan at Iraqslogger questioning the Associated Press' credibility over the Jamil Hussein fake news scandal, the once respected wire service continues to stonewall, according to this story in Editor & Publisher:
NEW YORK A long-running dispute between The Associated Press and critics over one of its Iraqi sources show no signs of abating, despite at least two lengthy rebuttals by the news organization. The new IraqSlogger web site, founded by former CNN news chief, Eason Jordan, is out with a fresh challenge, after failing to resolve the issue in its own detective work. This has not set off a new round of examination by the AP, apparently.

Kathleen Carroll, AP executive editor, told E&P today that she had not read Jordan's latest item, posted Monday, and likely would not. But she stood by the news organization's previous statements backing the existence of an Iraqi police captain, Jamail Hussein.
Carroll can hardly dismiss Jordan as just another scruffy blogger. He was, after all, forced to resign from his position as chief news executive at CNN after bloggers revealed remarks he made accusing US troops of targeting journalists in Iraq. Carroll's refusal even to read Jordan's story is stunning in its arrogance.