Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pelosi, Dems Still Working for US Defeat in Iraq

Despite having won a majority in Congress, Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic Party leaders are still determined to provide aid and comfort to America's enemies as a means to their political ends. Like Hezbollah, once in power, they have no idea what to do with it, other than maintain their hold by any means necessary. It's no longer possible to pretend that the Left isn't deliberately engineering another Vietnam-style humiliation to help them consolidate power.

The things that Pelosi and her accomplices in the Democratic Party and the mainstream media are still saying and said throughout their shameful campaign are intended to weaken America's position in the Middle East. The only enemies that Democrats really acknowledge are George W. Bush and the Republicans.

Tokyo Rose's crimes were not protected by the Constitution. Neither should Pelosi's be:
"The president knows that because the troops are in harm's way that we won't cut off the resources," Pelosi, head of the Democratic-led House, told ABC's "Good Morning America. "That's why he's moving so quickly to put them in harm's way."

Saying Democrats were waging a "sound-bite war," White House spokeswoman Dana Perino fired back: "Questioning the president's motivations and suggesting that he for some political reason is rushing troops into harm's way is not appropriate, it is not correct and it is unfortunate."
It's clear to anyone with at least two brain cells to rub together that the Democrats want the US to be defeated and humiliated in the War on Terror. Victory would not accrue to their political advantage.