Sunday, February 11, 2007

Frantic MoveOn Petition Brands NPR, PBS as Partisan

If a reactionary propaganda group thinks an organization is a paragon of "independent journalism," that's a pretty clear indication that it isn't even close. National Public Radio and the Public Broadcast System have picked up the enthusiastic and frantic support of, America's largest collection of Leftist nutbags.

From a member email (never mind how I got this; Bluto mucks through the latrines of the fever swamps so you don't have to):
Dear MoveOn member,

Since Thursday afternoon, 370,018 of us have called on Congress to stop President Bush's budget cuts and save NPR and PBS. 370,000 of us in just 36 hours!

Can you help make it half a million signatures? Here's what the petition says: "Congress must save NPR and PBS once and for all. Congress should guarantee permanent funding and independence from partisan meddling." Just click here to add your name:

[I've replaced the actual link with something more appropriate - Bluto]

Every additional signer will mean more pressure on Congress to block this cut and make sure this kind of partisan meddling never happens again. President Bush cannot be allowed to slash strong journalism and shows like "Sesame Street."

We've won this fight before. Together, we can make sure we never have to confront this issue again.


–Noah, Joan, Carrie, Marika and the Civic Action Team
Saturday, February 10th, 2007

By "strong journalism" the nimrods at Moveon mean "grossly biased in favor of the progressive movement in general and the Democratic party in particular." Also notice that the first thing PBS threatens to cut is "Sesame Street." Typical of liberals who are all for the children unless they see a way to use the children as a weapon.