Wednesday, March 28, 2007

House Republicans Rebuke 'Flying Imams'

Republicans in the House of Representatives have sent the "Protect John Doe" bill back to committee, specifically to add language to prevent legal atrocities like the lawsuit by the notorious Flying Imams.

From the Washington Times:
House Republicans tonight surprised Democrats with a procedural vote to protect public-transportation passengers from being sued if they report suspicious activity -- the first step by lawmakers to protect "John Doe" airline travelers already targeted in such a lawsuit.

After a heated debate and calls for order, the motion to recommit the Democrats' Rail and Public Transportation Security Act of 2007 back to committee with instructions to add the protective language passed on a vote of 304-121.

Republicans said the lawsuit filed by six Muslim imams against US Airways and "John Does," passengers who reported suspicious behavior, could have a "chilling effect" on passengers who may fear being sued for acting vigilant.
Every "no" vote came from one of the usual suspects in the Democrat Party.

Via The Jawa Report and Michelle Malkin.