Monday, March 05, 2007

No Hate Speech From the Left?

Patterico mercilessly bitchslaps the hapless Glenn Greenwald, who foolishly claimed that prominent left wingers never engage in hate speech:
Below I have listed more than 20 examples of hate speech by prominent leftist figures, such as politicians, journalists writing for major newspapers or radio networks, television and movie industry personalities, and the like.

I have restricted the examples to true hate speech, such as calling for (or exulting over) the beating and/or deaths of conservatives, or naked racism and anti-Semitism. I have deliberately excluded speech that simply brands conservatives as Nazis or fascists. Such speech is hateful, but I want to leave minimum room for leftists to quibble with the list.
Patterico's examples include calls to shoot the President and a desire for Clarence Thomas to die "...early like many black men do, of heart disease."

This is an absolute drubbing of Greenwald, who has continued to lose credibility since the infamous sock puppet incident, which Patterico also mentions. Remind me to stay on Patterico's good side; if this had been a fight, boxing would be banned.