Monday, April 02, 2007

Fwench Disease Not Genetic

An editorial from Quebec that seems to offer proof that Fwench pussyhood is a cultural, rather than a racial, phenomenon:
The latest involves the Quebec government giving a Muslim woman who wants to be a prison guard a choice: She could either remove her hijab or she could train to be a prison guard. But she could not do both. The woman chose the hjiab.

Predictably, Muslim advocacy groups have been crying racism. “It is an ultimatum, remove the hijab or you’re out of here,” said the head of the Muslim Council of Britain. “That’s not a security issue, this is much more a bigoted issue.”

The government stuck to its guns.

“As a security measure, the hijab cannot be accepted as an element of the uniform to execute the functions of a correctional officer,” a department spokesman said.
Nor was this a rare or isolated incident:
This incident follows a long line Quebec has faced with reasonably consistent resolve. First there was the attempt to use Islamic tribunals to settle family disputes. Next there was the adoption of a code of conduct for immigrants by the small towns of Saint-Roch-de-Mekinac and Herouxville. Finally, there was the soccer referee who ejected a player for wearing a hijab on the pitch, a violation of the province’s sports regulations.

The Quebec government stood by principle and said yes to assimilation and integration and no to accommodation.
So there. If you still think speaking Fwench automatically brands a person as a snail sucking surrender monkey, you could try telling it to a Cajun...once.