Thursday, April 26, 2007

Harry Reid: Words of Comfort for the Taliban

Hugh Hewitt reports that Harry Reid's shameful "Lost" quote traveled immediately to Kabul:
Schaffer had just flown in from a trip to Afghanistan, and he brought back a copy of Kabul's leading English language newspaper, "The Daily Outlook." It was from this week and had been slipped under the door of his hotel, and no doubt circulated widely among the English-speaking Afghans and was translated for the non-English speaking community.

Above the fold was a headline: "Iraq War Is 'Lost' Says US Democrat Leader."
Whether Reid intended to deliberately betray his country or not, he now owns a percentage of the carnage; his idiotic statement will quite obviously encourage the barbarians to soldier on, secure in the notion that a large percentage of Americans are as cowardly as the Spanish electorate.