Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Brit Academics Vow to Give Sanctuary to Extremists...

...And the University and College Union has voted unanimously to oppose the UK government's request that professors actually do their civic duty by reporting violent Islamist extremists among the student body. Instead, they choose to mischaracterize it as a "witch hunt," and plan to boycott the effort.

From Breitbart:
UCU joint general secretary Sally Hunt said academics did not want to be transformed into "some quasi secret service".

"UCU delegates have made it clear that they will oppose Government attempts to restrict academic freedom or free speech on campus," she said.

"Lecturers want to teach students, if they wanted to police them they would have joined the force. Universities must remain safe spaces for lecturers and students to discuss and debate all sorts of ideas, including those that some people may consider challenging, offensive and even extreme."
Like many a socially isolated ivory tower theoretician, Sally doesn't understand that sometimes ideas become actions.