Wednesday, May 16, 2007

MSNBC Hit by Friendly Fire

First, an emptyheaded MSNBC producer goes to the leftwing lunatic fringe parody site The White House looking for quotes regarding the death of Jerry Falwell. Then, an equally emptyheaded on air personality says this to Chris Matthews (who did seem to be aware of the mistake):
And the other thing is, too, you're looking at a guy, Jerry Falwell, who had a lot of influence on the current President, even now, in fact, one of my producers just pulled up a page on White House dot org where you could...they say Dr. Falwell has earned his role as the de facto executive director of domestic and global policy for the White House. How much influence did he have on George W. Bush?
Bang. Duh, you stupid bimbo.

Hot Air has the video.

Thanks Good Lt. at The Jawa Report.