Monday, May 21, 2007

Reuters Giving Tactical Advice to Terrorists

Reuters, the "news" service that can't even bring itself to call a "freedom fighter" a terrorist when he's sawing off some hapless victim's head, is now disseminating tactical advice to Palestinian terrorists to help protect them from Israeli air raids.

From a Reuters AlertNet dispatch:
GAZA, May 21 (Reuters) - Hamas's armed wing cautioned its members on Monday to stop using cellular telephones and vehicles to avoid being tracked and targeted in Israel's escalating aerial attacks.

"Do not use the Jawwal phones at all," a Hamas spokesman, referring to a Palestinian cellular network, said in a radio message on an open channel used by Hamas gunmen in the Gaza Strip.

"Do not get in groups. Do not use any kind of transportation at all because the planes of the Zionist enemy are in skies all the time," he said.
Reuters "reporter" Nidal al-Mughrabi should be investigated for ties to terrorist groups for this blatant effort to help Palestinian babyhunters.

Thanks to James Taranto's Best of the Web.