Tuesday, June 05, 2007

F-ck Yeah, F-ck the FCC, and F-ck Your Bourgeois Mores!

The f-cking sh-theaded 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that a--hole foreign f-cks like Bono can say whatever the f-ck they want, whenever the f-ck they want, and the FCC can go pound salt up their big fat f-cking a--es!
In a majority opinion written by Judge Rosemary Pooler, the appeals court said all speech covered by the FCC's indecency policy is fully protected by the First Amendment.
Those of us in Upstate New York remember Rosemary Pooler as a stupid f-cking c-nt whose fat a-- the NYC Dems tried to get elected for years before putting the incompetent, retarded f-cking tw-t on the Federal bench. But we were wrong, because now Rosemary has helped give us the right to shout F-CK YOU! to each and every toddler who displeases us. And if you think this will somehow coarsen the culture - F-CK YOU, TOO you f-ckin' bourgie trash a--hole!