Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Haditha Case 'Unsupported by Independent Evidence'

A hearing officer in the Haditha case has recognized the absurdity of the persecution prosecution's case and recommends dropping the charges:
The hearing officer, Lt. Col. Paul Ware, wrote in a report released by the defense Tuesday that those charges were based on unreliable witness accounts, insupportable forensic evidence and questionable legal theories. He also wrote that the case could have dangerous consequences on the battlefield, where soldiers might hesitate during critical moments when facing an enemy.

"The government version is unsupported by independent evidence," Ware wrote in the 18-page report. "To believe the government version of facts is to disregard clear and convincing evidence to the contrary."
Furthermore, Ware recognizes the potential for propaganda:
He said further prosecution of Sharratt could set a "dangerous precedent that ... may encourage others to bear false witness against Marines as a tactic to erode public support of the Marine Corps and its mission in Iraq."
Ware's memo will likely raise an outcry among the MSM and other leftist traitors who are working for a humiliating American defeat in Iraq.