Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bad News For Democrats

There is a growing perception among the public that the Iraq troops surge is working:
USA TODAY's Susan Page reports that President Bush is making some headway in arguing that the increase in U.S. troops in Iraq is showing military progress.
While the President has demonstrated that, unlike his predecessor, public opinion polls don't enter into his decisions, the Democratic Party, heavily invested in a humiliating defeat for American forces, much prefers the public to perceive that US soldiers are losing. This story is part of a minor trend within the MSM, including a Brookings Institution Op-Ed in the NYT that paints the Iraqi theater of the War on Terror as winnable.

Note to regular readers: I'm forced to limit my computer time per doctor's orders while blood cells clear out of my right eye, evidently a legacy of too many kicks to the head during Tae Kwon Do tournaments. Sorry for the limited number of posts lately.