Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Shenanigans From Reuters

In the sixth paragraph of this article it's finally revealed that the "witness" in the headline is Noor Mohammad Sherzai. But it's not the first mention of Sherzai's name - that would be in the byline. Sherzai quotes himself as the "witness" in his own story!

Another vexing question: how did this local, hired as a "journalist" by Reuters, just happen to be at the exact spot multiple suicide bombers attacked a moving American convoy? Shouldn't Reuters have instituted a no-more-jihadis hiring rule after their photographer Adnan Hajj got caught doctoring photographs during the Hizbollah-Israeli conflict?

And finally, does no one at the Washington Post bother to read this drivel before publishing, or do they just assume their readers are too stupid to remember the name of the "reporter" after six paragraphs?

Via The Jawa Report.