Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Randi Rhodes 'Mugging': What Have We Learned?

"What Have We Learned?"

This is a question my son likes to ask after seeing the universe reward stupidity in the usual way. For example, he said it after a particularly gruesome episode of "Scarred" featuring a skateboarder who slit his nutsack open on a metal spur while trying to grind down a railing.

Sadly, in the fever swamps of the American Left, I predict that nothing at all will be learned from yesterday's slapstick of irresponsible accusations and childlike conspiracy rumor-mongering over the Randi Rhodes "mugging". Maybe a few will recoil from their own Pavlovian spasms, but most will put the ridiculous incident out of mind as quickly as possible, and lurch on 'til the next time.

Shawn Macomber at The American Spectator explores the hysteria on the Left in reaction to Ms. Rhodes' pratfall:
The answer for many was a resounding, "Yes!" Over at Rhodes' official messageboard, more than a few suspected a "Nazi Brownshirt" attack. "If you've watched The Sopranos you know how easy (and cheap) it is to buy that kind of hit," one intoned darkly. "IF this was a political hit from Blackwater or whoever, there is going to be the wrath of G-d on the perpetrators," another added. The proprietor of TalkingRadio wailed, "These whack jobs appear determined to whatever it takes to silence the opposing point of view." And a visitor to Think Progress, the blog of the Center For American Progress -- a self-declared "nonpartisan organization" paradoxically fighting against the "Radical Right-Wing Agenda" -- posited Rhodes was "probably beaten up by some nutball in the Mallkin [sic] Mongoloid Mafia...that's the type of viscous [sic] rabid people they are."
Maybe the shrinks were onto something with this "projection" dealie.

Thanks to Ragnar at The Jawa Report.