Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Blog Comment Poser Arrested

A teacher pretending to be a rightwing nutjob has been arrested and suspended from his job because of a comment he left on a blog.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
West Bend - As readers of a conservative blog debated the subject of teacher salaries, a writer using the pseudonym "Observer" weighed in.

The West Bend teachers' salaries made him sick, the person wrote, adding that the 1999 Columbine High School killers had the right idea.

"They knew how to deal with the overpaid teacher union thugs. One shot at a time! Too bad the liberls (sic) rip them; they were heros (sic) and should be remembered that way," the writer said.

But police say the writer was a teacher himself - and the past president of a teachers union - apparently posing as a teacher-hater.

James Buss was arrested Thursday by West Bend police, and the 46-year-old Cudahy man could face criminal charges. He has been suspended from his job as a teacher at Oak Creek High School.
While this poseur deserved to be outed and embarrassed for pretending to be something he wasn't, Owen at Boots & Sabers thinks the arrest is "a gross overreaction" to the comment. I agree.

Thanks to Tongue Tied.