Friday, December 14, 2007

A Dramatic NASCAR Finish For the Dems?

The Washington Post covers the latest scandal here, and MSNBC's Tom Curry asks the question, is Hillary toast?

Could it go down like a race: the two top drivers swapping the lead back and forth, when suddenly, contact; one of them takes the other into the wall, letting number three motor around the mess and on to the checkered flag?

With Hillary's campaign co-chair, Bill Shaheen, forced to resign after bringing up Barack Obama's admitted teen drug experimentation, the story has grown legs. As for Obama, while voters were willing to give George W. Bush a pass on youthful indiscretions, the charges from Hillary's campaign play just too nicely into white fears of black teen drug culture...though MSM outlets won't likely charge "racism" the way they would if a Republican had mentioned Obama's past. Combined with Obama's lack of experience and naiveté on foreign affairs, who knows how this will play out?

And then John Edwards may find himself with an open road to the nomination.